Hello! My name is Christina. Welcome to CyberSolace.io where I write about various cybersecurity topics. I'm interested in cybersecurity policy, tech, cyber careers, and raising cybersecurity awareness. I'm always interested in speaking with others and learning more about all of those topics. I work at Salt Cybersecurity as a vCISO and the VP of Operations where we provide cybersecurity solutions for SMBs.

I'm a Filipina-American, born in the Philippines, and raised in Asia and Europe. I worked on U.S. military and NATO bases in Europe, where I also earned a B.A. in Communications, before relocating to the U.S. I hold an M.S. in Cybersecurity and an MBA. I am also the founder of CyberRhythms Consulting, based in Cambridge, MA. My professional experience prior to working in cybersecurity includes work as a journalist in Europe, non-profit executive management, and technical recruiting for tech start-ups, Fortune 500, and Fortune 100-level companies.

When not at my desk I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring New England. I also blog over at christinastokes.com about things like Notion.so for productivity, D&D, Roam for research, and other stuff. :)

You can also find me online here:
@xTinaStx on Twitter
@xTinaStx on LinkedIn
@xTinaStx on Instagram

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